2017 Supplemental Levy Election

March 14, 2017

The Twin Falls School District would like to invite the community to learn about the upcoming supplemental levy election slated for March 14, 2017. The TFSD is currently operating with a $9 million ($4.5 million per year) two-year supplemental levy approved by voters in 2015. The TFSD Board of Trustees voted unanimously at their December 12 meeting to pursue an $8.5 million two-year supplemental levy to take the current levy’s place when it expires June 30, 2017. The school board came to this decision after hearing a recommendation from the district’s Budget Advisory Committee to maintain the current levy rate.


The BAC, a committee made up of community members, parents, retirees, students, and some district staff, deliberated on its recommendation throughout November and December. After examining the current district finances and evaluating the needs of the district, the BAC voted unanimously at its meeting Thursday, December 1, to recommend the continuation of the current levy, which provides just under ten percent of the district’s overall budget.


“The state provides, what I like to call, the minimum funding for education,” said committee member Mike Gibson, a Twin Falls resident and retired business manager from the Jerome School District. “We don’t want our education in Twin Falls to be minimum. I think the community is proud of the programs we offer and will continue to support them.”


The committee discussed the need for new curriculum materials, the nationwide teacher and local labor shortage, and maintaining the current level of operations as a few reasons to continue with the levy. They also discussed voter fatigue, compared TFSD levy rates with other districts in the state, and weighed the strain an increase in the levy would put on Twin Falls residents who are on fixed incomes. The Board of Trustees decided to lower the levy amount by $500,000 to show appreciation for the community’s continued support of education.


The TFSD would like to encourage patrons to vote in this important local election. School funding is a complex issue and district officials recognize that patrons may want more information about why the board chose to pursue a supplemental levy and what this money will be spent on. To help answer these questions, the district has posted information on their website and will be holding a public meeting.


When and where can I hear about the supplemental levy?

When: Tuesday, February 21, 7 p.m.

Where: Pillar Falls Elementary School

Can’t attend our public meeting? View the presentation given to the Twin Falls Rotary Club here:


Wiley Dobbs -Twin Falls School Levy from Twin Falls Rotary on Vimeo.

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