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09.05.18 – Masters! Masters! Here’s the link that you’ve been after!

08.27.18 – Gmail lets you select ranges of emails quickly when you use the Shift key. Click in the first box and then hold shift and click in the last one in the range you want. Then apply an action, like delete.

04.30.18 – Students and staff that are departing will want to use Google Takeout to download their data before they go.

04.16.18 – Check the Idaho SDE website to see what classes you can teach with your endorsement.

02.16.18 – How to make Interactive Images for slide shows.

01.16..18 – Video covering the new Google Calendar.

01.08.18 – Writing prompts for students.

11.10.17 – Speed up giving your feedback to students.

10.23.17 – Here is a concise video on Google Classroom.

10.09.17 – Here area few videos that cover beginning to advanced Excel features.

09.07.17 – Elementary – iStation access for teachers and students is through and uses the email addresses for student login. Teachers use their email accounts. Many teachers will need to do a password reset.

Staff that are not ELA teachers will have to get other login details from their Instructional Coaches or Admin. This is a work in progress.

08.09.17 – Secondary – Video to show how to set up weighted grading. Year old and does not discuss “new” ability to copy.

07.22.17 – Team Drives are now a thing.

07.03.17 – Check the status of Google services here to see if something is broken on their end.








Current Trends

Virtual Reality in the Classroom.

Seesaw for digital portfolios. and digital Breakout creation.

Mentimeter is like Woordle and PollEverywhere combined.



Beta Test

InstaGrok for research.

ThingLink for annotating videos and images. Example here.




Digital Citizenship for all ages.

Find the right educational tech tools for you with EdShelf.

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