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The Agriculture Department will teach you many things about agriculture.


Course Name
# of credits – school – grade
Type of Credit

Course Description

C – Computer
E – Elective
ENG – English
HUM – Humanities
M – Mathematics
PE – Physical Education
SCI – Science
SS – Social Studies
DC – Dual Credit
TCC – Technical Competency Credit
NCAA – Core Course

Canyon Ridge High School

Twin Falls High School

Introduction to Ag Education

1 – CRHS/TFHS – 9

A basic introductory course designed to introduce students to Agriculture and the FFA. Topics that will be covered are soil science, leadership, intro to animal science. Students are expected to join the FFA. The course offers many local field trips.

Introduction to Ag Industry

1 – CRHS/TFHS – 9
Introduction to Ag Education

A basic applied course designed to enhance student’s perceptions of agriculture, its applications, and career opportunities, with additional FFA opportunities which may include the FFA day on the hill in Boise. (This is the second semester of Ag 110 but may be taken separately with instructor permission.)

Animal Science

1 – TFHS – 10/11/12

SCI – DC (CSI: AVS 109)

A course designed to develop knowledge and skills pertaining to nutrition, reproduction, diseases, breeding, genetics, anatomy, and physiology in livestock. Students will be expected to design and carry out a semester project. If you are thinking about a career in an animal science or veterinary medicine related field, this course and applied livestock are recommended.

Applied Livestock Management

1 – TFHS – 10/11/12

SCI – DC (CSI: AVS 109L)

Intro to Ag Education or Industry and Animal Science/Instructor approval

A course that includes principles of animal production and management. Topics include health, evaluation, selection, feeding, and management. Students will be expected to design and carry out a semester project. Students must take Animal Science and Applied Livestock Management to receive Dual Credit.

Plant Science

1 – TFHS – 10/11/12
SCI – DC (CSI: AGRI 102/102L)

A course that prepares students to produce greenhouse/nursery plants and to maintain plant growth. Includes plant processes and propagation structures. This course qualifies for science credit. Students will be expected to design and carry out a semester project.

Applied Greenhouse and Nursery Management

1 – TFHS – 10/11/12


Introduction to Ag Education or Industry or Instructor approval

A course designed to prepare students in greenhouse and nursery operation and management. Students will spend much of the course in the greenhouse growing plants, understanding the planning and operation of the greenhouse, and marketing the greenhouse products. Topics will also include soils, pesticides, insects, plant ID and nomenclature. This course qualifies for science credit. Students will be expected to design and carry out a semester project. This is a spring semester course.

Introduction to Ag Mechanics

1 – TFHS – 10/11/12

A course designed to familiarize the student with the basic mechanical theory and skills. Students will develop skills in the areas of Electricity, Plumbing, Painting, Metal Working, and small engine repair. Emphasis will be placed on safety and proper use of tools and equipment.

Occupation and Career Experience

1 – CRHS/TFHS – 11/12
Instructor approval and interview

A community based work experience activity organized and planned to develop advanced skills necessary to gain and maintain employment. This course may encompass a broad range of paid/unpaid work experiences related to the career objectives of the student. The experiences must be supervised and monitored by the teacher and cooperating business. Student must have transportation.

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