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Course Description

C – Computer
E – Elective
ENG – English
HUM – Humanities
M – Mathematics
PE – Physical Education
SCI – Science
SS – Social Studies
DC – Dual Credit
TCC – Technical Competency Credit
NCAA – Core Course

Canyon Ridge High School

Twin Falls High School

Intro to Machining and Automation 1 (STEM)

1 – CRHS – 9/10/11/12
E (CSI, TCC available)

Into to Machining and Automation (STEM) is a 1 semester class for students to jump into hands-on, minds-on activities that will establish the core skills needed for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers.  Students will work on basic shop safety, hand tools, machining, drafting and electronics to make their own physical creations.  This class may be taken as a 1 semester exploratory class or as the first semester of the year-long Intro to Machining and Automation.

Intro to Machining and Automation 2 (STEM)

2 – CRHS – 9/10/11/12
C (CSI, TCC available)

This is a year-long introductory class.  This is made up of the Intro to Machining and Automation 1 and 2.  Participants will experience hands-on labs to create virtual, physical, and electronic creations.  Items that will be explored are 1.  Safety and Tool usage, 2.  Produce Designs (CAD), 3.  Manufacturing Processes, electronics, and robotics, 4.  Machining and Additive Manufacturing.  Continuing in this course of study can lead to automated manufacturing related industry certifications.

Automated Manufacturing II (STEM)

2 – CRHS – 10/11/12
C – DC (CSI: MANT 105)
Intro to Machining and Automation I with C or higher

This is the second class of the year-long introductory class made up of Intro to Machining and Automation I and II.  The focus will be on learning Automated Machining, Robotics and other automation principles.  Certifications include SOLIDWORKS, CSWA AND NIMS Machining Level 1.

CAPSTONE: STEM/Automated Manufacturing III (STEM)

2 – CRHS – 11/12
C – DC (CSI: MANT 105)
Auto MFG l and ll with a C or higher & Instructor Approval. Students should be concurrently enrolled in Auto MFG III Lab

This is the third course in a three course program.  A focus on CNC Machining and Programmable Logic Controllers will be taught the first semester.  Second semester, a senior project that combines all automated manufacturing processes learned to-date will be undertaken.  Certifications include SOLIDWORKS, CSWA AND NIMS Machining Level 1.

Automated Manufacturing III Lab (STEM)

2 – CRHS – 11/12
E – DC (CSI: MANT 105)
Concurrent enrollment in Auto MFG III

This lab is for students to create their own project based upon the skills learned in the previoius classes.

Occupational and Career Experience - Manufacturing

1 – CRHS/TFHS – 11/12
C or higher in Precision Machining I/II & Instructor Approval

This class is for students that have completed Automated Manufacturing 1, 2, and are interested in an entry level work experience for the school district, community, or industry (preferred).  This will be planned to develop advanced skills necessary to gain and maintain employment.  This course may encompass a broad range of paid/unpaid work experiences related to the career objective of the student.  The experience must be supervised and monitored by the teacher or a mentor. 

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