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C – Computer
E – Elective
ENG – English
HUM – Humanities
M – Mathematics
PE – Physical Education
SCI – Science
SS – Social Studies
DC – Dual Credit
TCC – Technical Competency Credit
NCAA – Core Course

Canyon Ridge High School

Twin Falls High School

Graphic Communications I

2 – CRHS – 9/10/11/12

This course is designed to introduce students to basic graphic/printing. The course will include digital photo/graphics, and computer graphics. Legal and ethical issues, employability skills, communication skills, and terminology used throughout the industry will be discussed.

Graphic Communications II

2 – CRHS – 10/11/12
Graphic Communications I and Teacher approval.

A course designed to provide students with graphic printing applications including digital and computerized graphics. Transfer of images from digital processes to paper and other media is included as well as transferring paper images to digital files for modification. Pre-press and copy production skills include set-up, image development, layout, and final draft copy.

Graphic Communications III (Capstone)

2 – CRHS – 10/11/12
Graphic Communications II and Teacher approval.

A course designed to provide students with team work, critical thinking, problem solving, diagnostics, designing, and computer graphics from basic digital images to final print. Students will be provided opportunities to prepare finished products such as newsletters, catalogs, and school publications. All work will be performed to industry standards.

Occupational & Career Experience – Media Technologies

2 – CRHS – 11/12
Graphic Communications IOI and Teacher approval.

A school district, community, or industry (preferred) based work experience/internship activity organized and planned to develop advanced skills necessary to gain and maintain employment. This course may encompass a broad range of paid/unpaid work experiences related to the career objective of the student. The experience must be supervised and monitored by the teacher.

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