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C – Computer
E – Elective
ENG – English
HUM – Humanities
M – Mathematics
PE – Physical Education
SCI – Science
SS – Social Studies
DC – Dual Credit
TCC – Technical Competency Credit
NCAA – Core Course

Canyon Ridge High School

Twin Falls High School

Beginning Body Development
2 – CRHS/TFHS – 9/10 PE Instructor/Coach Signature This class is designed specifically for 9th and 10th graders who are participating in interscholastic athletics. This course is a prerequisite to get into Varsity Body Development. Beginning Body Development is designed to introduce and apply the theory, skill, and techniques of weight training. Strength, conditioning, endurance, flexibility, speed, power, and agility will be tracked, recorded, and graded. [Sports considered: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Track, Cross Country, Wrestling, Volleyball, Tennis, Golf, and Soccer]
Cardio Fitness and Strength Training
1 – CRHS/TFHS – 9(CRHS only) 10/11/12 PE This class guarantees enhanced quality of life! Workouts are designed to improve body composition, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance, and cardiovascular endurance. Daily requirements include proper attire, intense participation, and achieving personal goals.
Lifetime Sports
1 – CRHS/TFHS – 10/11/12 PE This course is a co-ed course that encourages an appreciation for a lifetime of participation in physical activity and fitness. Students will be provided with the opportunity to pursue and develop an interest and skill in one or more activities in which they can participate throughout life. This course will cover team and individual sports.
1 – CRHS/TFHS – 10/11/12 PE This course is an introduction to spinning also known as Indoor Group Cycling. Spinning is a full-body, low impact, aerobic exercise that can help strengthen the heart, lower blood pressure, boost energy, burn fat, tone legs and stomach, reduce stress and tension, and improve overall fitness.
Sports Credit

1 – CRHS/TFHS – 9/10/11/12 PE Students participating in an IHSAA sponsored activity that requires a physical can receive credit upon parental approval. The credit will fulfill a PE requirement or elective requirement if the student already has the two PE credits needed for graduation. The participant will receive a PASS/FAIL grade. If the student does not complete the season they will receive a failing grade. This grade will become part of their permanent record. To earn a passing grade a student must participate in 90% of practices, games, etc. and complete the season on good standing. In order to enroll in the class, the participant must return the signed consent form to their coach within seven (7) days after the beginning of that sports season. If you have any questions contact your activities director. The following paragraph is from the Idaho Administrative Code regarding P.E. credit for sports participation. IDAPA – Students participating in one (1) season in any sport recognized by the Idaho High School Activities Association or club sport recognized by the local school district, or eighteen (18) weeks of a sport recognized by the local school district may choose to substitute participation up to one (1) credit of physical education. Students must show mastery of the content standards for Physical Education in a format provided by the school district. The Twin Falls School District will consider the following IHSAA sponsored sports eligible for a P.E. credit for participation: Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Marching Band, Swimming, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, Track, Volleyball, and Wrestling.

Varsity Body Development
2 – CRHS/TFHS – 11/12 PE B or higher in Beginning Body Development & Instructor/Coach Signature This course is recommended for the interscholastic athlete who has completed Beginning Body Development with a “B” or higher. This course is designed to enhance/master skills in Olympic style weight lifting. Strength, conditioning, endurance, flexibility, speed, power, and agility will be tracked, recorded, and graded.
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