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Course Name
# of credits – school – grade
Type of Credit

Course Description

C – Computer
E – Elective
ENG – English
HUM – Humanities
M – Mathematics
PE – Physical Education
SCI – Science
SS – Social Studies
DC – Dual Credit
TCC – Technical Competency Credit
NCAA – Core Course

Canyon Ridge High School

Twin Falls High School

History 9
1 – CRHS/TFHS – 9

9th Grade World Cultures Eastern Hemisphere. This class is designed to enable students to become well acquainted with various parts of the world — with special emphasis on the Eastern Hemisphere (Middle East, South Asia, East Asia and Southeast Asia). Focus will center on physical, historical and cultural geography, as well as Current events, and the 5 Major religions. For CRHS, this course is taken through IDLA in a computer lab.

Honors History 9
1 – TFHS – 9

Covers same regions of focus as History 9. Added emphasis of primary sources for historical scrutiny and writing, deeper cultural understanding, and a more rigorous analysis of both the physical and political geography of the Eastern Hemisphere.

U.S. History 10
2 – CRHS/TFHS – 10

United States History 10th is a survey course from the colonization and formation of the United States through Westward expansion of the late 1800s.

U.S. History 11
2 – CRHS/TFHS – 11

United States History 11th is a survey course from U.S. Imperialism (1890s) to present day.

Dual Credit U.S. History 11

2 – CRHS/TFHS – 11
SS – DC (CSI: HIST 111/112) – NCAA

This course covers the beginnings of U.S. history to present day. It also has the option of taking concurrent credit through CSI.

Psychology 101
1.5 – CRHS/TFHS – 12
SS – DC (CSI: PSYC 101) – NCAA

Psychology is a general survey of psychology principles including significant people, theories and human understanding. This course MUST be taken for Dual Credit.

Student Leadership
2 – CRHS/TFHS – 11/12
Elected Position

This allows Student Council members to learn leadership skills, plan, organize advertise, and improve school activities.

American Government
2 – CRHS/TFHS – 12

This course provides students with an understanding of the structure, organization, and operation of American government.

Advanced American Government

2 – CRHS/TFHS – 12
SS – DC (CSI: POLS 101) – NCAA

This course is an in depth focus on constitutional foundations, politics, three branches of government, civil rights, and civil liberties. At CRHS, this course MUST be taken for Dual Credit. At TFHS, Dual Credit is optional.

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