Gifted and Talented in the Twin Falls School District


Specific Academic

Math Science and English: Robert Stuart and O’Leary Middle Middle Schools  have Accelerated Math classes and Advanced Opportunities classes in English and Science. 

Dual Enrollment, AP, and Honors classes are available at both High Schools.

The High School has a Quiz Bowl  for Math and Science students.

Think Through Math lets students learn math at their own pace.  It also offers help from a certified Math Teacher on-line. 


General Intellectual

The  GT Magnet Classrooms serve both Academic and Intellectually talented students. The Fourth Grade is held at Sawtooth Elementary .  Shawn Jones is its teacher. Kaylyn VanOstran teaches the Fifth Grade Magnet Classroom at Perrine Elementary.  She will teach Fourth Grade next year with new students in the same classroom.

Secondary IDLA classes are a great way to get ahead.  Classes can be taken in a lab during school hours, after school at home and during the summer. Middle School students can get High School credit taken through IDLA.  High School students can get College credit in the same way.  Please ask our school councelors about the “8 in 6” program.

mcj041071900001Visual and Performing Arts

In the Secondary Schools there are many opportunities to participate in advanced music, art and drama classes

For the Elementary Grades there is an auditioned for Honors Choir  held in some schools.


Future Problem Solving teaches student creative and critical thinking skills.  Students on these teams recieve direction from coaches and packet graders.  They can qualify to compete at district and state levels.   Many teams have registered in our Elementary and Middle SchoolsWe will also continue to promote  “Habits of Mind.