Developmental Preschool Screening

If you have concerns about your child’s development. TFSD Developmental Preschool offers monthly screeners for children ages 3 to 5 years old; call for an appointment - Harrison 208-733-4229 and Pillar Falls 208-732-7570.

TFSD Preschool Screenings:

Can your 3 year-old

  • Recognize several colors

  • Count to 3

  • Put 2 words together

  • Plays appropriately with toys 

  • Talk clearly enough that family can understand them 

Can your 4 year-old

  • Name colors and shapes

  • Count to 5

  • Put 3 words together

  • Answer questions 

  • Talk clearly enough that non-family can understand them 


If your child is not able to do these things, or if he/she is currently receiving private speech/language therapy, he/she may be eligible for the developmental preschool program. Screenings are held monthly (August - April) at Harrison and Pillar Falls Elementary. During the appointment, you and your child will meet with staff who will screen in the areas of cognitive development (learning skills), speech and language, social/play skills, and hearing. The screening takes approximately 45 minutes.  

Students who live East of Blue Lakes are in the Pillar Falls preschool zone. Students who live West of Blue Lakes are in the Harrison preschool zone.

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