Letter from Superintendent Dickinson

March 24, 2020


Hello Parents, Students, Staff Members, and Patrons:


We are living in a remarkable time as our nation works to resolve issues surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak. As entities across the nation work to continue providing services, our school system here in Idaho is answering the call to continue providing educational services to our community. This is uncharted water for many people which requires us to be nimble, adjusting as we go in order to best meet the needs of our students.


Here in the Twin Falls School District #411, we have been working around the clock to formulate a plan to provide distance learning to over 9,700 students. We recognize this will be a new experience for many of our staff members, students, and parents and we are committed to doing the very best we can to serve our community. I ask that everyone be patient as we work our way through this process.  We have many components in place to provide parents with access and support, recognizing there will be some unforeseen challenges to work through. Our goal is to be flexible, be positive, and to make the best of this challenging situation.


The first component of our plan is to provide distance learning to all students. This includes providing materials to parents and students online and/or through printed material. We will be working hard to ensure we provide our students who have special needs, their IEP and 504 services. This is always challenging through distance learning and we will work hard to make sure we do everything we can to meet student needs.


In addition, the Twin Falls School District will be providing food service to all students and offering a limited daycare for parents who provide essential services to the community through a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Magic Valley. Our goal is to be a strong community partner as we all pull together to take care of the people who need assistance during this challenging time.


I want to take a minute to recognize the remarkable teachers and support staff who have been working behind the scenes to pull this all off. The level of dedication in this community is something we can all take pride in. Our staff has embraced a “can do” attitude and is committed to the students of Twin Falls. I would also like to recognize our talented school board members who provide tremendous leadership to our district. 


I am so proud to call Twin Falls home and I wish everyone well. During this time, remember those things that are truly important and take care of yourself, your family, and your neighbors.



Brady D. Dickinson

Superintendent of Schools

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