October is Bullying Prevention Month

Hello TFSD Families,


October is National Bully Prevention Month and we want to take this opportunity to provide families with information about how they can help our school system address student conflicts and challenging student behaviors. 


Every child has the right to feel safe and supported. Student behaviors, bullying, and student conflict directly affect a student’s ability to learn even if the actions happen outside of the classroom. We have strong anti-bullying, harassment, and student conduct policies. Students who are found to be in violation of these policies face disciplinary action. Our administrators and school staff members care about our students but often run into challenges when determining exactly who is the antagonist. Many times these challenging behaviors happen away from the view of school staff members.


What can you do to help? 


Talk with your children about bullying and conflict. Understand the difference between bullying and conflict and help your children understand how they can resolve conflict situations before they escalate. Teach your children how to respectfully express disagreement and model the appropriate ways to resolve conflicts. Continue to discuss the appropriate way to act within the school setting.


How can your child prevent bullying?

Students are especially effective in bullying intervention. It is important for adults to encourage youth to be supportive of anyone experiencing bullying and to teach young people how to advocate for themselves and others. Help your child understand that their actions can make a difference to others and that by supporting the target of bullying, they can change the course of the situation. 


What about the things that take place outside of the school building?


Be engaged with your children’s social media activity. There are many troubling “challenges” circulating that encourage student behavior that is not acceptable. These challenges range from property damage to violence towards others. Know what your children are doing online and talk to them about how to have a responsible online presence. There are many opportunities to use social media for good and to spread kindness. Be a good role model for others when using social media. Take this as an opportunity to generate awareness about bullying prevention. 


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