School District Announces New TFHS Vice-Principal

The Twin Falls School District #411 is pleased to announce Nancy Jones will fill the role of full-time Vice-Principal at Twin Falls High School for the 2021-22 school year. Jones currently serves as a half-time vice-principal and half-time activities director for TFHS. Jones will assume the half-time position currently held by Mike Gemar to become a full-time vice-principal at the school. 


Jones joined the TFSD in 1990 as a third-grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary School. When Oregon Trail Elementary School opened in 1994, she moved to the new school to continue teaching third grade. In 2001, she took a few years away from teaching but continued to volunteer and guest-teach at Morningside Elementary School where her children went to school. Jones re-joined the district in 2005 teaching math at O’Leary Middle School and transitioning to teaching math at TFHS in 2010 so that she could be closer to the students who she coached. Jones has served as head girls basketball coach at Twin Falls High School for 14 years. 


“This year has brought some interesting challenges for me professionally with learning a new role as Activities Director, as well as balancing that with teaching and coaching.  I am looking forward to streamlining my responsibilities at TFHS and learning new things in this role fully without other things competing for my time, ” Jones said.  “Ryan is an amazing leader and mentor, and I am excited to learn from one of the best.  I am grateful to him and the other staff members for their kind words and support.”


“Mrs. Jones stepped up for us during a very critical time in our school year. Not only was she working as a ½ time math teacher but was also filling a new role as a ½ time Activities Director. When we asked Mrs. Jones to step into an additional role as the ½ time vice-principal, her exact words were “anything to help the Bruins”. This to me exemplifies who Nancy Jones is as an individual. She is not afraid to take on new challenges and work hard to do what is best for the students at Twin Falls High School,” Principal Ryan Nesmith said. 


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