Social Media Threats in Surrounding Communities

Hello TFSD Families,


We have received several calls from parents concerned about social media threats that are circulating in communities around the Magic Valley. We want to remind parents that if a threat is made regarding your child's school, we will contact you using our mass communication system. This system pulls phone numbers and email addresses from PowerSchool. Now is a great time to double-check and make sure your contact information is up to date in PowerSchool. You can also opt-in to receive text (SMS) messages from the TFSD. To receive SMS messages from a number registered in PowerSchool with the TFSD, simply text ‘Y’ to 67587.


Additionally, it is important that students understand that threats of this nature, even if they are not acted upon, can result in serious disciplinary action up to and including expulsion as well as legal action. Please take a moment to discuss appropriate social media use with your children. We take all reports of this nature seriously and encourage students and parents to take an active role in ensuring that our schools remain safe places for our students and staff members. Please take this opportunity to discuss with your student how they can participate in school safety. Many schools have completed evacuation drills already this year and we will continue to work with our students so that they can be prepared for any kind of emergency situation.


Thank you to the Twin Falls Police Department for their continued commitment to our students and their quick response to all of our safety needs. 

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