Federal Programs

Welcome to the Federal Programs website for the Twin Falls School District #411. 

Ryan Nesmith, Associate Superintendent, Director of Federal Programs and Assessment

Claudia Paredez, Administrative Assistant

Street Address: 201 Main Ave. W., Twin Falls, ID 83301

Phone: (208) 733-6900 Fax: (208) 733-6987

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

-Mahatma Gandhi.

Last Federal Audit: 2007

Last State Audit: December 2017

Next State Audit: 2023-24

Title IA: Funds to provide help for kids and schools in poverty. TFSD uses the funds for teachers, para-professionals, summer school, parent involvement, and some supplies. All schools receive funding except Rock Creek, Pillar Falls, OMS, TFHS and CRHS. The percentage of students on free and reduced lunch in each school (March 2023) is as follows:

*Bickel Elementary: 70%, *Harrison Elementary: 82%,* Lincoln Elementary: 100%, *Morningside Elementary: 68%, *Oregon Trail Elementary: 95%, *Perrine Elementary: 74%, Sawtooth Elementary: 37%, Pillar Falls: 22%, Rock Creek: 25%, *Bridge Academy: 96%, O’Leary MS: 28%, *Robert Stuart MS: 66%, *South Hills MS: 93%, *Canyon Ridge High: 64%, *Magic Valley High (Alternative): 100%, Twin Falls High: 21%, District average: 69%, *Schools that are CEP schools (receive free lunch and breakfast for all students in the school.) 

Title ICFunds to provide help for migrant students. TFSD uses the funds for Family Liaisons: Elementary School – Modesta Carllson, Middle School – Mireira Munoz Venegas, High School – Mireira Munoz Venegas,; para-professionals; summer school; and a few supplies.

Current number of migrant students: Approximately 220, mostly at Oregon Trail Elementary, South Hills Middle School, and Canyon Ridge High School.

Title III: Funds to help students who are English Lanuage Learners. TFSD uses the funds (by federal regulations) for professional development and supplies. This money cannot be used to pay salaries except for extended day services.

Title II: Funds to ensure that teachers are certified by the State of Idaho definition. TFSD uses the funds for instructional coaches, stipends, and professional development.

McKinney-Vento: Funds to meet the needs of homeless children and families. Jenny Herzog is our coordinator.