School District Transparency

To promote transparency of school business and to ensure that community members have pertinent information, school districts are required to post a number of documents and publish specific information for easy access. If there is any information that you think is missing from this list, please contact Eva Craner

Financial and Expenditure Documents

Idaho Code 33-357 requires school districts to develop and maintain a publicly available website with expenditure information, including vendor and personnel contracts, budgets, audits, and monthly expenditures. These documents are updated on a regular basis as the information becomes available. 

School Board Documents

All school board documents are public records and the TFSD maintains a website to make these documents easily accessible to the public. This includes board meeting agendas, minutes, and background packets. Different types of documents are made available on different schedules. If you are having trouble finding the document you are looking for, contact the Clerk of the Board, Michelle Lucas, at

Continuous Improvement Plan

Idaho Code 33-320 requires school districts to develop an annual continuous improvement plan that is made publicly available. Here in the TFSD we call this a Strategic Plan and utilize a five-year-long planning process. 

Title IX

All school districts are required to publish information about their Title IX policies, Title IX coordinators, and training that those dealing with Title IX issues undergo. 

State Report Card

Idaho school districts are required to post links to the State Department of Education’s Report Card for their district. This report card provides a number of data points about our school system.

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