School Supplies

The TFSD supplies many of the materials your student will need during the schools day. Our schools do request that you send some items that will be used by your student during the school year. These items vary by grade level and school and have been determined by the teachers within in the building to be the necessary items to carry out the activities they have planned for the school year. 

There is always a need within our schools for additional items for students and families who cannot afford these supplies. If you are able, feel free to donate additional supplies to your community school. Also, there are other items that can help a classroom run smoothly but that aren’t required supply items. For instance, your child’s teacher might like to use disinfectant wipes to keep her classroom clean. If you are interested in helping with these supplies, visit with the staff at your school about what items would be most useful in their classrooms. 

Elementary School Supply Lists

Bickel Elementary School

Harrison Elementary School

Lincoln Elementary School

Morningside Elementary School

Oregon Trail Elementary School

Perrine Elementary School

Pillar Falls Elementary School

Rock Creek Elementary School

Sawtooth Elementary School

Middle School Supply Lists

Bridge Academy

O’Leary Middle School

Robert Stuart Middle School

South Hills Middle School

High School Supply Lists

Canyon Ridge High School

Magic Valley High School

Twin Falls High School