Dual Immersion

Dual Immersion is a general education program that offers a rich bilingual experience for learners when their minds are developmentally best able to acquire a second language. This program is housed at Oregon Trail Elementary School.

What does Dual Language Immersion look like in the TFSD?

  • Classes include students that are both native English and native Spanish speakers.  
  • The program will include 50/50 instruction in both English and Spanish for students in K-5 each day.  
    • We will begin with Kindergarten and first grade in 2023-2024 with the addition of one grade level until we reach 5th grade over the next 6 years. 
  • Elementary instruction is divided between two high-quality, creative classrooms: one in English and one in Spanish. Students begin the day with instruction in one language, and then change teachers during the day for instruction in the other language with equal time in each language.

Benefits of Dual Immersion (over multiple years)


  • Research has shown that students in dual immersion programs outperform their monolingual peers in reading, writing math and science. 
  • Second Language Skills:  Students will leave the program biliterate (English and Spanish).
  • Dual Immersion students typically develop greater cognitive (thinking) flexibility, demonstrating increased attention control, better memory, and superior problem-solving skills as well as enhanced understanding of their primary language. 
  • Dual  Immersion students are more aware of and generally show more positive attitudes and empathy towards other cultures and an appreciation of other people
  • Dual Immersion students better serve their community through stronger competitiveness within the job market. 

Things You Need to Know!

  • The lottery for this program will take place in June.
  • In order for your student to be considered for the lottery, you must attend one of the two Parent Forums (April 30 or May 14) so that we can ensure all participants have a good understanding of the program requirements.
  • Information about the lottery process can be found in the TFSD Dual Language Immersion Parent Handbook.

How do I enroll my student in the Dual Immersion Program?

1. Complete the Dual Language Immersion Interest Form

2. Attend one of the two Parent Forums (April 30 and May 14, 6 p.m. Oregon Trail Elementary School)

3. Attend Kindergarten Registration in April, and

4. Complete and sign the TFSD Dual Immersion Student Enrollment Form.