Graduation Requirements

Total Credits Required for Graduation – 52 credits

Language Arts - 9 credits

English – 8 credits
Speech – 1 credit

Math - 6 credits

Must complete two (2) Algebra 1 and two (2) Geometry credits. Plus, an additional two (2) credits of the student’s choice.

Social Studies - 8 credits

Freshman History – 1 credit
US History – 4 credits
American Government – 2 credits
Economics – 1 credit

Science - 6 credits

4 credits must be lab-based

Humanities - 2 credits

Creative Writing I & II
Art Classes
Music Classes
Theatre Classes
World Languages Classes (Two consecutive years encouraged)

Health - 1 credit

Health or Health Occupations

Physical Education - 2 credits

Must complete at least one PE credit in grades 10th, 11th, or 12th

Computer Electives - 2 credits

Starting Class of 2022 must include Beg MS Office

Beginning Microsoft Office
Intermediate Microsoft Office
Introduction to Interactive Media
Video Production
Graphic Communications I-III
Intro to Engineering Design
Principles of Engineering
Engineering & Design Development
*must take yearlong

Beginning Microsoft Office
Intermediate Microsoft Office
Advertising I-II
Bruin News
Business Management
Graphic Communications I-III
Intro to Info Tech
Web Development I-III
Programming Fundamentals
IT Help Desk I-III
AP Computer Science

Electives - 16 credits

Must include Freshman Transitions – 2 credits, students transferring after the 9th grade will NOT need to retrieve credit for Freshman Transitions

Magic Valley High School - 46 credits

Magic Valley High School follows the high school graduation requirements set by Idaho State Board of Education.

Senior Project

Beginning with the class of 2013, graduating seniors are required to complete a Senior Project. There are four main components to the Senior Project that must be completed prior to graduation:

1. Project Proposal (Completed Junior Year in Advisory)
2. Research Paper (Completed 1st Semester Senior Year in English 12)
3. Physical Project (Completed by February of Senior Year)
4. Presentation/Portfolio (Presentation in March of Senior Year)

Students will work closely with their advisor, a community mentor, and their parent/guardian to complete the senior project.

CRHS Senior Project Information

TFHS Senior Project Information

Civics Test

Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, Idaho students will be required to take the United States Citizenship Test as outlined in Idaho Code §33-1602.7. The civics test may be taken at any time after enrolling in grade 7 and it may be repeated as often as necessary for the student to pass the test.

District are required to assess all one hundred (100) questions of the US Citizenship Naturalization Test; however, districts have the ability to decide how the assessment is given, i.e. multiple choice, question and answer, orally, etc. Districts will also determine the passing percent a student will need in order to fulfill the graduation requirement. Students may take the assessment anytime between their 7th and 12th grade year. Please note that the instructions on the assessment by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services are not the rules for district administration, but for someone to become a US citizen, please disregard.

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