Career and Technical Education

Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

Student organization: FFA
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Business & Marketing Education

Student organizations: BPA & DECA

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Engineering & Technology Education

Student organization: TSA

Family & Consumer Sciences, & Human Services

Student organization: FCCLA

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Health Professions & Public Safety

Student organization: HOSA
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Individualized Occupational Training
Trades & Industry

Student organization: SkillsUSA

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Career & technical education (CTE) provides relevant career training through Idaho’s public schools, online through CTE Digital, and at Idaho’s six technical colleges. Every CTE program or class is aligned with careers available here in Idaho.

When you enroll in a CTE course you learn by doing, and gain real-world skills that your future employers need.

Career & technical students are incredibly successful

  • 97% of CTE students graduated high school.
  • 94% of CTE high school graduates found a job or moved into postsecondary education.
  • 64% went on to college compared to 54% of all Idaho students.
  • 93% of technical college completers found jobs or continued their education.
  • 17 out of 20 of the most in demand jobs are associated with CTE pathways.

Technical Competency Credit

Technical Competency Credit allows students to explore their technical career option in high school, then apply their high school course work toward an Associate of Applied Science degree from The College of Southern Idaho.

Enhanced college experience
Earlier completion of technology program
Savings on cost of college level courses
Earlier entry in to the skilled workforce
No duplication of high school course work

Registration & Articulation Procedures

1. Students are eligible for articulated college credit after successfully completing the required high school course(s) as identified on the Technical Competency Credit articulation agreement.

2. To qualify for reduced fees, a high school student may register for CSI articulated courses which are part of an approved Technical Competency Credit program by submitting to the CSI Admissions and Records office the required registration forms along with the current per credit transcription fee.

3. An official high school transcript must be sent from the high school directly to the CSI Admissions and Records office before articulated credit is placed on a CSI transcript.

Non-Discrimination Annual Notice

All courses, including Career Technical Education Courses, within the TFSD, will be offered without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, or disability. For more information about the TFSD’s non-discrimination practice, follow the link to our non-discrimination webpage.

What is SkillStack®?

SkillStack® is a badging/micro-certification platform that allows Idaho’s educators to validate the skills their students demonstrate proficiency in; leading to industry-relevant badges.

How are skills validated?

Program standards are developed for each badge through a collaborative process that engages industry, college/university faculty, secondary faculty, and other critical stakeholders. As students provide evidence of the competencies for each skill, educators evaluate the competencies based on common assessments. Once all skills are validated for a particular badge, the information is entered in the SkillStack® platform and badges are issued.

Who is validating an individual’s skills?

Idaho’s high school, college, university, and workforce training educators are the only individuals allowed to validate skills in SkillStack®. These individuals gain authorization to validate skills upon verification from Idaho Career & Technical Education.

How can employers benefit from SkillStack®?

Recruiters can search the database for individuals that have been awarded badges aligned to the jobs they are trying to fill. The SkillStack® platform will invite those individuals to learn more about the open position by visiting the company’s website or location where the job is posted.