Employee Benefits

Employee Assistance Hotline (through BPA Health): 1-800-726-0003

BPA Health delivers customized behavioral health solutions for employers, health plans and government entities. Today, people in Idaho, the Northwest and beyond experience a greater well-being as a result of our services, both at work and in life. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to realize their human potential. Learn more at  

To access your Employee Assistance Program, please call BPA Health at 1-800-726-0003 or visit us online at to view your benefit details, find and choose a provider, locate valuable mental health and substance abuse resources, and access the work-life resources.

Video Counseling through the Employee Assistance Program

What is video counseling?

 As of January 1, 2019, BPA Health is offering you the option to see an EAP counseling professional either in person, or via secure video.

Why Use Secure Video?

  • Ease – use on your smartphone or laptop with a camera
  • Convenience – keep appointments while traveling, or fit them in during the day, without having to travel to an office; or use both in-person and video as needed based on your schedule
  • Access – to providers anywhere in your home State

Are there tips for successfully using video sessions?

Make sure to find a quiet space that is private; wear headphones or earbuds; reduce distractions; and close out other programs or apps on your device.

How to access secure video counseling – Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1 – Choose a Provider:

Online – visit to search for counselors that fit what you’re looking for

Call – call customer support at 1-800-726-0003 to request a listing of counselors that fit what you’re looking for

2 – Schedule an Appointment:

Call the office of your chosen provider to schedule a video counseling session

3 – Call BPA Health

Call 1-800-726-0003 to request an authorization prior to your first appointment

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