TFSD 2020-21 Action Plan

Life Ready Students
  1. The District will effectively address challenges related to the loss of instruction time due to COVID-19. This includes closing achievement gaps and implementing programs designed to meet the needs of families in Twin Falls.
  2. The District will demonstrate continuous improvement in academic achievement.  This includes a variety of data points from various academic indicators from each school.
  3. The District will increase the number of grade levels at or above the state average on ISAT and IRI and/or demonstrate continued growth in these areas.  In addition, demonstrate positive trends in SAT and graduation rates. 
  4. Each principal will work with their director and the superintendent in the fall to collaboratively set goals for the year.  Evaluate progress at the end of the school year.
Quality Learning Opportunities
  1. The Superintendent and Directors will effectively communicate and implement the reopening plan created by the HEAL Taskforce. Reports will be made at each Board meeting this coming year.
  2. District Personnel will ensure the system effectively and efficiently modifies and adjusts practices as needed in order to ensure the continuation of high impact programs during crisis situations and ensure that these changes are effectively communicated.
  3. The Superintendent in collaboration with the Secondary Programs Director and principals will continue expanding CTE programs while promoting a technical center and/or partnership with CSI.  Increase enrollment in CTE programs at the high schools, and opportunities for TFSD students at all levels, recognizing that this may be difficult this year due to challenges related to mitigating COVID-19.
  4. The Secondary Programs Director and Secondary Personnel will maximize advanced opportunities funding as demonstrated by student utilization.
  5. The District will complete the process of attendance zone adjustments (if any) to ensure a more even distribution of students at the elementary level. 
A Healthy Learning Community

The District will support the implementation of strategies designed to promote and foster an environment of wellness for staff and students.  Reports will be given during the Strategic Plan Board Updates.

Quality Personnel

The District will hire and retain qualified staff for certified and classified positions.  A report will be made to the Board before April 2020 demonstrating progress in this area.

School Community Public Relations
  1. District Administrators will be visible throughout the district and community.  The Superintendent will attend 3 school events at each school during the year, and attend a school faculty meeting or collaboration session once a week.  In addition, District Administrators will attend community events and collaborate with other community leaders.
  2. The Superintendent will continue utilizing the Highlights of the Week to be sent out each Friday.
  3. The Superintendent will continue providing the Board with an update each week.
  4. The Superintendent will meet with each Board member individually during the 2020-2021 school year to ensure open communication.
School Environment and Facilities

The Superintendent will work with the Director of Operations to continue the implementation of the 10-year long-range plan for facilities.  Topics include security, HVAC, furniture, and technology.

Stewardship of Resources
  1. The Superintendent will ensure an accurate and responsible budget is created and implemented for 2020-2021 that maintains programs, takes care of employees, and keeps the district in sound financial condition.
  2. The District will effectively manage CARES funds in a responsible manner.
  3. The Superintendent in collaboration with the Finance Department will continue ensuring transparency with the budget and any challenges that arise in the coming year.
  4. The District will continue efforts to increase carryover to a minimum of 5% in unrestricted funds.
  5. The Superintendent will lead the Budget Advisory Committee through the decision-making process related to the emergency levy and upcoming supplemental levy.
Continuous Improvement Measures


Performance Metric 2019-20 Benchmarks (LEA Chosen 2019-2020 Performance Targets) 2020-21 Benchmarks (LEA Chosen 2020-2021 Performance Targets)
4-year cohort graduation rate 2019 cohort 2020 cohort
85% 85%
% students who meet the college ready benchmark on the college entrance exam (SAT/ACT) 47% 47%
% students who score proficient on the 8th grade math ISAT 42% 42%
% students who score proficient on the 8th grade ELA ISAT 55% 55%
% students who score proficient on the 6th grade math ISAT 44% 44%
% students who score proficient on the 6th grade ELA ISAT 56% 56%
% students who score proficient on the Kindergarten Spring IRI 63% 63%
% students who score proficient on the Grade 1 Spring IRI 67% 67%
% students who score proficient on the Grade 2 Spring IRI 75% 75%
% students who score proficient on the Grade 3 Spring IRI 73% 73%


Report of Progress: Graduation rates for the 2019-20 cohort will be available after they are finalized by the state. Due to COVID-19 the TFSD was not able to gather data to support progress towards the 2019-20 Benchmarks. However, based on interim assessments our staff members felt that students we making gains toward those goals. As we begin evaluating where our students are coming back to us this fall, it is clear that there are some gaps and that we will have to be intentional to reach our goals. Instructional Coaches and teaching teams have already dedicated incredible amounts of time to ensure that students will not only catch up on what missed in the spring but will also make progress towards grade-level standards.

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