Free Lunch Program

The Twin Falls School District will be providing free school breakfast and lunch for TFSD students for the near future. A federally funded program went into effect Wednesday, September 9 allowing all TFSD students to eat for free. The program has no official end date and will simply be in effect until the funding runs out. District Officials hope that funding will last at least until the end of the semester. 


For those parents who have money in their students’ meal accounts, this money will carry forward until this program ends and students must once again pay for meals. For parents whose children have been charging for their past meals, those debits will remain on the students’ accounts. This program is also open to TFSD students who are participating in the online programs offered through the district. The District just requests that those distance learning families who would like to participate, contact the school in advance so that the food service department can ensure that enough lunches are prepared for the additional families. 


Even though meals are currently free for all students the District asks that parents continue to fill out the free and reduced lunch application as these statistics are tied to other federal funding streams. 


If parents have any questions about this program, please contact the Food Service Department at 208-733-0134.