Schedule Change – March 8

Dear TFSD #411 Students, Parents, Patrons, and Staff Members,


At the February 8, 2021 School Board meeting, the TFSD #411 Board of Trustees decided to increase in-person instructional time to five days a week starting March 8. Under the new model, students will come to school for a partial day on Mondays and full-days Tuesday through Friday.

The Board came to their decision after discussing options for returning to five days of in-person instruction. As a school district, the number of reported COVID cases (both student and staff members) has been significantly lower since returning from Christmas Break. At the same time, teachers are still being asked to provide digital content for students who are out of school for lengthy periods of time due to COVID or COVID exposure, which requires additional planning and preparation. The new schedule balances the desire to have students on campus as much as possible while still providing teachers planning time to help address the learning needs of students. 


The School Board will hear an update on this plan at the February 24 Board meeting as there are a couple of outstanding items that will need to be addressed prior to the change going into effect. With less time to provide distance learning content, expectations for what teachers are required to provide online will need to be modified. In addition, how to address half-day kindergarten classes on a partial-day Monday will also need to be determined. The partial-day Monday schedule is as follows:


Partial Day Schedule Times: (2:15 hour early out):


Elementary Schools

8:00 to 12:45

Middle Schools (RSMS, OMS, SHMS)

8:40 to 1:35

Bridge Academy

8:50 to 1:30

High Schools (CRHS, TFHS)

8:05 to 1:10


8:15 to 12:25