TFSD Pursues a Supplemental Levy

The Twin Falls School District Board of Trustees heard and voted unanimously to approve a recommendation from the district’s Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) at their regular meeting Monday, December 10 at Canyon Ridge High School.


The BAC, a committee made up of community members, parents, retirees, and some district staff has spent the last two months deliberating on the recommendation. The current levy, which provides the district with $4.25 million a year, just under ten percent of the district's overall operating budget, expires in June. The committee recommended the district pursue a slight increase to this levy, which would raise the amount collected by the district to $5 million per year.


The committee discussed the need for new curriculum materials, school security personnel, and maintaining the current level operations as a few reasons to continue with the levy. They also discussed student-teacher ratios, compared TFSD levy rates with other districts in the state, and weighed the impact an increase in the levy would have on Twin Falls residents who are on fixed incomes.


The Twin Falls voters have supported supplemental levies in the district since 2011. If the levy is approved by voters in March, the district estimates that taxes will increase by roughly $18 per year on $100,000 of taxable value. This estimate is based on a conservative two percent market value increase. If the market value increases more rapidly, as it has in previous years, the tax per $100,000 would decrease.


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