TFSD Looks for Preschool Paras

The Twin Falls School District is looking for paraeducators for the developmental preschool program. Paraeducators are a crucial part of the success of this program. These staff members are responsible for assisting students and teachers as they work to reach their learning goals. They aid in providing for a well organized and smoothly functioning environment in which developmentally delayed students can take advantage of programs and resource materials to the best of their ability.


These positions are 7 hours per day and qualify for TFSD benefits. The salary range is $10.77 to $12.68 per hour.


“The most incredible thing about being a preschool paraeducator is that you get to see first hand the meaningful impact you have each and every day in these young children’s lives,” said Kindel Mason, Support Services Director for the TFSD. “As a paraeducator you have the ability to impact the overall success of students and help them achieve milestones that lead to future success. You will leave work each day seeing a tangible difference you made, and there is nothing more rewarding than that.”    


This position requires two years of college, an AA degree, or the successful completion of the ParaPro Assessment (Praxis Exam).


Apply Here:

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